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Ton bulk bag unloading system is also known as Jumbo bag unloading machine , bulk bag unloading station 銆乥ulk bag unloading.
The feeding form is ton (large) package feeding.
The outlet can be docked: vacuum feeder, screw, silo, pipe chain, etc.
Product Characteristics Of Ton Bulk Bag Unloading System
a. Closed bag opening to prevent dust from flying, improve working environment and production efficiency.
b. Modular design, equipped with vibrating plate, flapping, stirring and other mechanisms, applied to materials with poor fluidity, adapt to different types of ton bags.
C. Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.
Composition of Jumbo bag unloading machine锛歍he ton bag filling machine is composed of bag clamping device, electric hoist, ton bag hanger, automatic cylinder flapping device or vibration device, vacuum cleaner, equipment bracket, etc. The whole set of structure design is reasonable, easy to operate, unpacking in an enclosed environment, prevent dust from flying, improve the working environment, material completely discharged, low material residual.
Application Of Bulk Bag Unloading Station
Bulk bag unloading is commonly used in the unpacking of powder and granular materials in chemical, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, such as large bags (ton bags) of plastic resin, carbon black powder and granular materials and food additives.Big Bag Unloading Station

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