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FRP Filter Vessels:
The filter cartridge housing is made mainly of fiberglass reinforced plastics, stainless steel. The working pressure range is usually from 150psi ( 1.0Mpa ) to 1000psi (6.9Mpa ), and the system in middle and high pressure adopts mainly FRP vessel. For the FRP vessel with ROM, fabric winding processing method can be adopted, so that the vessel is at the best state under working pressure, giving full play to the structural performance of the vessel.
Technical Parameter:
TypeFRP Filter Vessels
Working pressure range150psi to 1000psi
MaterialsFiberglass reinforced plastics or stainless steel
Operating Temperature14掳F-150掳F
FeatureEasy to install and maintain
Product Application:
FRP Filter Vessels is widely used in Brackish Water, Seawater, Municipal Water Treatment, Industrial Processing, Electronics Manufacturing, Ultra - Pure Water, Food & Beverage, Automotive Application, Power Generation and Health Care.
Features of FRP Filter Vessels:
Strong coated FRP/fiberglass
Suitable for seawater conditions
Operating pressures up to 1,000 PSI
Excellent corrosion resistance
Higher strength & Long-term use
Our Service:
1. Provide the technical design and solutions;
2. New plant construction guidance;
3. Designing and manufacturing of non-standard filter;
4. Supply accessories at any time;
5. Our professional R&D and QC team can strictly control the product quality to meet your requirement.Cartridge Filter Housing in stock

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