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Custom photo blankets are a perfect gift for someone you know and love, or just for yourself. Everyone enjoys a soft, luxurious blanket, and everybody has enjoyed warm blankets from loved ones! Now you can make a customized photo blanket as unique as your own special memories.

Create a personalized photo blanket with ease by using a simple design tool and making it your own. You can use a piece of fabric that you already have in your wardrobe or use one that you like.

Choose a design that best represents you, your interests, your lifestyle and the photo. You can choose to have your photos in color or black and white. Black and white photos are easier to manipulate, but sometimes the colors look better on the canvas. If you are doing the black and white photo blanket, make sure to use an archival quality print.

Next, choose a pattern to go around the blanket. You may be interested in some vintage photo patterns or a fun geometric pattern that looks good in baby clothes or jeans. Choose a pattern that matches your blanket or choose a pattern that does not match.

Decorate your picture frame with a favorite photo or frame the blanket around a picture of a family member. The possibilities are endless! The blanket can be made larger and added onto the picture frame. Your photo can be placed directly on the blanket or your picture can be placed on the blanket along with your picture. This way, you can make a blanket as decorative as you would like.

Adding a special touch to a blanket can be done simply by adding a personal touch to your blanket. The simplest gesture such as a photo collage, embroidery or a poem can bring life to a plain blanket. A picture frame or personalized blanket can give you a great sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that you made something special for someone special. When you see a photo blanket at an online store or craft store, don't be afraid to ask the salesperson how it can be custom designed! They will be more than happy to help you create a blanket of your own making it as special as you want it to be.

Whether you want a blanket to be given as a birthday or holiday gift or you are trying to find a unique gift for someone you know, you can always find a photo blanket that is perfect for the occasion. You can also use a custom photo blanket to help commemorate an event you attended, such as your wedding day, anniversary, reunion or graduation.

Personalization of blankets is an easy way to make your blanket truly personal to you and the person who wears it. When you give someone a beautiful blanket to be sure to add a personal touch that will make them smile.


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