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How many times have you walked around the mall and glanced at all the people wearing custom socks with face paint? It's truly an amazing sight. And it's pretty funny, because these individuals obviously don't care who they are or what their name is. They wear a name, which matches their face. And just like that, they look so darn cute and innocent, but if you didn't know who they were, you'd think they were some sort of a freak.

There are some strange custom socks out there that feature cartoon characters, and some of them are absolutely adorable. But why do people put such crazy pictures on their feet? Have they done this with a malicious motive? It's possible, but most people do it just for fun.

Some of these individuals could be in for a surprise when they get to know the true identity of the person who gave them custom socks with face paint. When the unsuspecting subject enters into the studio, he is asked to remove his mask. The artist then begins to draw on the subject's face with a marker. What he doesn't realize is that the drawing isn't simply the face of the person that is being painted, but rather, his entire body.

The artist can make corrections and changes to the design and then send it back to the client. If the adjustments aren't adequate, he simply redoes them until he is satisfied. Once he has drawn all of the corrections, he sends it back to the customer. The artist doesn't go through any type of artistic degree program. He does it just for fun.

Now, I want to tell you about one man who actually felt "prancing" horse-like when he saw his new custom socks with face paints. So much so that he decided to deck out his entire bedroom in the "newest fashions." Yes, custom socks with face paint have even moved into the bedroom! And not only are these socks new, but they are "funky." Just what is the difference?

Custom socks worn with face paint tend to be very colorful. This gives the person wearing the sock a "funky" appearance. While this appearance is certainly desirable, it is not the type of appearance you would find in a high fashion magazine.

To truly appreciate custom socks for face painting, you need to see it for yourself. So, what did this man do? He turned down the socks he was buying and instead, opted for some "old school." He went home and began to paint his face with black acrylic paint. His result?

The resulting artwork is magnificent. It has a 3-D effect, as if someone had intentionally painted his face in 3-D. It is not uncommon to see people doing this, either at home or in clubs. The end result is always fascinating, whether you like the art or not.

A man may want to do this type of work because he feels that his face is not as nice looking as he thought it was. Perhaps he feels self-conscious about the ears that are protruding from his ears, or maybe he just does not like how his face appears when he smiles in photographs. Whatever the reason, it is an undeniable fact that thousands upon thousands of men and women have their paintings made on their faces using this method. In addition, many businesses have their own artists on staff that do the same thing.

When the socks are first purchased, they are usually in the standard "white" color. However, if the person wants his face to have more of a color or theme to it, he can purchase socks in a variety of colors. He can even order customized socks, which will then be sewn to his exact body measurements and be made in the exact color of his choosing.

So what happens when someone wants to have his face painted? First, he must remove any facial makeup that he has applied and is not covering the area where he is painting. Then he must carefully remove the old paint from his face using something like acetone. Once this is done, he can apply the paint by himself or have it done by a professional. After he is satisfied with the final result, he can leave it to dry so that it can properly dry. 

The downside to having his face painted with socks is that he may not feel as good about his appearance while wearing them. This can be overcome somewhat by simply painting on a neutral colored base before putting the socks on. Another option for those who want to make their paintings look a little better is to use a primer before putting on the socks. It is important that he make sure that the primer is fairly dark and that it completely covers the painted area. When he does this, he will have a better idea of what it will look like when all the dust is removed.


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