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If you know somebody who is self-conscious about their body type or who likes to keep to themselves, then a silicone body implant could provide an excellent platform from which they can speak out. In addition to using their legs for locomotion, some silicone breast implants also feature 'extras' which can include bras, padded straps or other support mechanisms which allow women who are not necessarily tall to look their best.

Silicone is popular because it is both lightweight and durable. While many people consider them to be more brittle than other materials (such as glass), silicone itself is quite strong and resilient. This means that silicone sex dolls can withstand many years of wear and tear. And since most inflatable sex dolls are small enough to fit in a drawer or other storage area, you won't have to worry about storing the doll away until you find a suitable place for it.

Silicone sex dolls provide a great way for couples to improve their sex life. But as with any product, you must be careful how and where you store your silicone sex dolls. Proper storage will extend the life of your silicone sex doll and will prevent it from developing any type of damage such as fraying. It's also important that you don't use your silicone sex dolls during any sexual activity. Keep them stored in a safe place away from heat, light and moisture.

Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions and safety precautions provided with your silicone sex doll before you start using it for the first time. Never perform any type of sexual position while wearing your doll. Never take your beautiful teddy indoors if there are small children around as they could hurt themselves. Most quality silicone toys come with the option of TPE or "thick organic material". "Thick organic material" is a great alternative to PVC because it is thicker and won't break as easily.


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