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Bubble Soccer is an extremely entertaining game of soccer, surprisingly quite fun. This game involves using the bubble soccer ball for each individual simultaneously secured by handles and seatbelts, then slamming each other with the ball for maximum fun as a friendly body sphere. Or players may utilize those bubble ball or bumper pad in a standard soccer match, very popular in Europe, Oceania & America. In Canada, this game has also gained popularity as a birthday party theme, which may be purchased from any number of toy stores and retailers.

The bubble soccer ball is very light weighted and therefore players do not have to use a lot of strength on it to play the game. Players simply need to have quick reflexes to score goals during the game. If a player scores a goal he receives one point. The game normally last ten minutes but this time can vary according to the game rules.

Each team forms a rectangular formation, with two corners of the field being filled with bubbles. These bubbles are colored black, so that it is easier to spot the ball. There is no penalty for not crossing the line, nor will any penalties to be applied if a player collides with a teammate's bubble.


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