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Perhaps you used to always keep the volume at level eight, but now it has crept up to twelve in order for you to clearly hear your favorite show. In other words, to hear you will need the hearing aid. Another weird medical condition is what is called central serenity prime, and is a problem within the central nervous system and not the parts of the ear.

Besides these basic types there is also hearing impairment due to insensitive to certain frequencies of sound. For one, you would see a world that is changing faster than the people reside in it know what to do. Exostosis is a term which is related to serenity prime and it occurs due to repeated exposure to cold wind and water that cause an abnormal growth of bone within the ear canal. Noise-induced hearing reduction can affect people of all ages and it often develops over the years so it might go unnoticed.

It can delay in speech development which indirectly affects the school success of children. It is the third most common long-term health problems in adult Americans, and juristically increases with age. Indeed, an individual can present with hearing trouble at birth, and neglect of this condition can result in dire long term consequences for the sufferer. Every person loses the capability of hearing at some point of time with age.


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