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Wetsuits are protective clothes used for all kinds of water activities. A traditional wetsuit is typically made from thick, plush, breathable neoprene, which is ideal for insulation. It's also used to protect the wearer from cold water splashes, salt spray, or chlorine odor. Wetsuits are available in two basic designs: one piece suits, which have two armholes; or hooded wetsuits, which have only one large hole for the head. They can be found in several colors, sizes, and designs.

The primary reason for the existence of wetsuits has been their ability to keep people warm even in colder water temperatures. A typical wetsuit serves to protect the wearer from the wind, splash, temperature changes, the sun, physical movement, weight, underwater movements, etc. It's primarily used to provide insulation to underwater athletes such as scuba divers, skiers, hunters, fishermen, bathers, swimmers, kayakers, etc., during all types of water sports.

Wetsuits are primarily designed to provide insulation against water molecules, which means that they provide excellent protection against temperature changes. When water molecules pass through the surface of the skin, some of them become "sucked" into the wetsuit and stay there. As the temperature inside the suit rises, these wetsuits are forced to expand, which dampens the temperature inside the suit - making the wearer feel colder. Wetsuits are primarily used in sports that involve moving around in the water - for instance, deep-sea diving and sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing.

In fact, because they are designed for specific purposes in sports, they have evolved over the years to adapt to different conditions and activities. Traditionally, a wetsuit was simply a wet suit with some added buoyancy to make swimming easier. The advantage they had over normal swimming suits was that they could keep people warmer when they were swimming in cold water. This has made them very popular among surfers. In the early days of surfing, wetsuits were basically used by beginners and professionals. However, as more people became interested in surfing, the manufacturers started producing surfboards with full body suits.

Today, it's not surprising to see a sprinter or a speed skier using a standard wetsuit with a regular bottom. However, the primary use of these clothing is no longer for practicality but for style. As compared to earlier versions, modern wetsuits have a much thicker and more insulated material covering. This enables better heat insulation and the suit can trap the heat and moisture inside during colder days.

One reason why they are used extensively by swimmers is that they are made from three to seven thin layers of material - usually nylon, Lycra or cotton. Each layer adds to the wetsuit's ability to trap heat and dampen the movement of water, thus helping the wearer to remain warm and dry. At the same time, the layers also help to form a snug, warm layer around the body that helps to keep one warm.

Wearing two piece wetsuits during the colder months and a pure shell during the warmer months is the commonest wear pattern for recreational swimmers. This is because the extra fabric of a two-piece suit provides better buoyancy and helps to keep the wearer dry and warm. It can be worn almost anywhere and goes with just about any style of clothing.

Another reason for the popularity of wetsuits lies in their extreme warmth and waterproofing properties. Most people will not think too much about how important this is in terms of being able to swim in the ocean, but the fact is that wetsuits are extremely useful for cold sports such as scuba diving or snorkeling where being able to dive into the water will mean being at the very edge of your body at any given moment. Wetsuits are also highly beneficial in other warm weather sports such as running and biking, where staying warm and dry means having a successful and comfortable ride. One final advantage of the material of wetsuits is that it has the added benefit of providing excellent thermal insulation to the wearer, meaning that even when you are most exposed to the sun, you will be kept warm because the suit keeps you warm all the time.


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