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If you love enchanting the night with lovely glowing stars, a photo moon lamp is the perfect accessory for your home. A photo moon lamp can be a beautiful focal point in a room or on your desk at work and once you have seen its stunning beauty you'll want one just like it. There are many different types of photo moon lamps to choose from so finding one that suits your taste and decor is not difficult.

The most popular photo moon lamp today is probably the one with the photo projected onto a flat surface. With a long lampshade and a backdrop sculpture of some sort, you get an enchanting glow that is reminiscent of both sunlight and a Far away place. Most modern photo moon lamps come with lights built right into them, so they can be used as a night light or as a desk lamp. These models are also available in several other styles. There is the traditional round lampshade model with the words "photo moon lamp" etched into the front. There is also a photo lighted globe shaped model that would look very nice in a children's bedroom or even in a den if you have one.

You can get photo lamps in just about any shape or size, although the round ones tend to be the most popular. Many companies sell photo moon lamps in dozens of different colors, usually in the same pattern. They can be found in black, red, green and blue and there is even a white photo lamp. Some photo lamps are designed to hang from a ceiling, on a wall, or even on a door knob. Either way, the photo that you see on the lamp shade is going to be gorgeous. Whether you choose a photo moon photo lamp or a regular photo lamp, you will be adding a truly breathtaking feature to your room's decor.

To really enhance your photo lamp you can go one step further and get a photo moon sculpture added to it. Many companies sell an elaborate photo lamp that comes with a carved image of a cat, dragon, fish, flower or whatever else you might imagine. If you want to purchase a photo lamp with a photo, this is the way to go. The photo lamp itself is already beautiful, but adding a photo of a cat or some other animal will give it a whole new dimension. It will certainly bring happiness to any room.

A photo moon lamp is a great way to create an ambiance in your home while also providing an inexpensive means of providing light at night. You could buy the actual photo lamp, of course, but why stop at that? You can also get a photo lamp with a faux photo rendered on the front and then find a place to place that in your home. That will add just the right touch. With the holiday season approaching you may want to think about getting one or two of these for every room in your home.

You can even find these photo moon lamps displayed at the local flea market if you don't have any near you. They are a very lovely addition to your home. They look like they are floating in the air, and it's hard not to feel a magical presence as you gaze upon them. A photo lamp is not only practical, it adds to the overall beauty of your home decor.


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