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Wetsuits are worn by men to protect them from the cold water while surfing or swimming. The wetsuits were first introduced in the year 1900 in the Olympic Games in Greece. They are designed in such a way that the water does not get into the clothes. There are many styles of wetsuits available in the market, but the one which is best suited for you and your body should be decided upon. If you want to buy the best suited wetsuits for yourself, then it is advised that you visit a good online sports store.

Male surfers can select from various kinds of wetsuits based on their size chart on this product page. There are various sizes so that you can select from the one which is suitable for you. You can also buy Full Body Wetsuits, Hooded Wetsuits, Camo Wetsuits, Waterproof Wetsuits, Splitters and more. You can also buy a variety of accessories like wetskin, lifejacket, boot, snorkel, sunglasses, earrings and more. Male surfers may buy different kinds of hooded wetsuits for different purposes.

There are mainly two types of wetsuits, the open cell and the closed cell. In the case of the closed cell, the wetsuits are manufactured with a space between the neoprene layer and the fabric which have a thickness of around two millimeters. In the open cell, the neoprene layer is completely enclosed with the fabric which has a thickness of around five millimeters. This gives an extra layer of protection to your body parts while in surfing. The closed cell is usually used when you surf in colder water which is not as comfortable as the warmer weather.

Now the neoprene is not the only ingredient for making a good wetsuit. There are different materials that are used for manufacturing this product so that you don't feel uncomfortable in water sports. The breathable materials are good, as they allow the air to circulate inside while the thick and stiff ones cannot let the air circulate in. Another material which is used for making wetsuits is vinyl. It is light, flexible, comfortable and easy to maintain.

There is also another thing which is used for increasing the suit thickness, which is called the hood. Most of the time, people prefer suits with thicker hoods as they feel more protected from the visibility when surfing. The suit thickness should be chosen based on various factors like your body type, water activities and wind conditions.

The wetsuits generally come in two types - the open cell and closed cell. The difference between these two is just the width of the cell. Closed cell wetsuits are generally thinner as compared to the open cell ones. There are many stores that sell wetsuits with different specifications and prices. The prices vary with the quality of the fabric, types of stitches, stitching details, fabrics etc. You can check out all such stores before deciding to buy one.

One of the most popular varieties among swimmers is the two piece 5mm hooded. This two piece wetsuit is designed to provide your body heat protection. This helps you to swim in the cold water for longer duration. If you have a thick neck, it is a good option for you as the two-piece 5mm hooded will not bother you in terms of its thickness.

If you do not like the two piece or hooded wetsuit, you can also go for a tri-fold style. Here, you will get the benefit of enjoying the tri-fold style look and yet you will remain warm as compared to a pure swimming costume. Many sports store also offer various kinds of wetsuits with different styles and designs. Therefore, you will be able to find an appropriate suit for yourself at a comfortable rate.


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