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General purpose of horoscope blind board:System media pipelines such as steam purging pipelines and oil-based process media pipelines have a stable isolation effect. At this time, the figure 8 blind plate should be installed on the side close to the system media pipeline. Of course, for the online disassembly of the figure-eight blind plate, a gate valve should be installed on the side close to the process medium pipeline. Such a figure-eight blind plate is generally marked as normally closed.
Our company specializes in the production of DIN stainless steel spectacle blind锛孌IN stainless steel paddle spacer锛孌IN stainless steel paddle blank:
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN6
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN10
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN16
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN25
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN40
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN63
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN100
stainless steel(SS) DIN2626 PN160Customized Spectacle Blind

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