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鈥?Our History
Development process and background
In 2017, the company was originally founded as a joint formation of technical personnel. Use equity incentives to ensure corporate management and quality system. The core technology of relevant technicians comes from the automation equipment industry, testing and testing industry, etc. Has 15 years of experience in the testing industry.
Founding goal
2017 realized the creation and research and development of corporate brand and independent products. Build a good foundation for the non-standard testing industry of enterprises.
Complete the 10 million sales target and corporate image in the first year. Realize related work such as the improvement of corporate information structure and trademark registration.
In 2018, the subsidiary Guangzhou Shengtaijia Metal Products Co., Ltd. Was established to supply raw materials for the company. With the launch of independent products. And it has successfully cooperated with related well-known domestic enterprises such as Midea Group, Guangdong Master Group, Joyoung Electric, Zhongshan Weili Electric, etc. In the home appliance industry. And the annual sales of independent products exceeded 12 million.
In 2019, the development and sales of the initial 10 main products were promoted, and the main products of independent brands were used to further open corporate brand recognition and sales promotion on various platforms. Realized the multiple growth of sales amount and loose corporate funds, and relatively increased R&D investment in the later period. In the same year, the company started to build a foreign trade platform with its own brand and successfully cooperated with water heater manufacturers in Europe and small home appliance companies in some Middle Eastern countries on testing equipment.
In 2020, complete the annual sales target of 15 million in advance. The company plans to invest large amounts of money in the promotion of international foreign trade platforms to increase brand promotion for corporate expansion and brand promotion. On the foreign trade platform, build an independent multi-language national standard website and foreign trade multi-platform joint.
鈥?nbsp;Production Flow
Laser cutting line
Reception room
Assembly line
Welding line
Test line
Packing line
鈥?nbsp;Our Product
Standard test equipment
1. Standard test angle
2. Appliance stability test machine
3. Key life test machine
4. Line body swing life test machine
Air tightness test machine
1. Air tightness testing machine
2. Air tightness with water & gas mixture test machine
3. Differential pressure air tightness test machine
4. High pressure air tightness test machine
IP protection level detection test equipment
1. IPX1 / IPX2 Drizzle test machine
2. IPX3 / IPX4 Pendulum rain test machine
3. IPX5 / IPX6 Water jet test machine
4. IPX7 / IPX8 Diving test machine
Home appliance test equipment
1. Inspection of electric kettle test machine
2. Hair dryer detection test machine
3. Hair dryer detection test machine
4. Washing machine detection test machine
5. Water dispenser detection test machine
6. Vacuum cleaner detection test machine
7. Water heater detection test machine
8. Microwave oven detection test machine
9. Electric iron detection test machine
10. Refrigerator detection test machine
Temperature controller detection test equipment
1. Temperature controllern test machine
2. Fuse tube performance test machine
3. Constant temperature water bath machine
4. Liquid expansion temperature controller test machine
5. Cold and hot alternative life test machine
6. Oil tank test machine
7. Resistance temperature controller test machine
8. Temperature controller integrated performance test machine
Temperature controller integrated performance test equipment
1. Softened water unit
2. Constant pressure and constant pressure water supply system
3. Constant pressure water supply system
4. Laboratory water supply system
Auto parts test equipment
1. Automobile door handle life test machine
2. Automobile tailgate hinge life test machine
3. Mobile door hinge life test machine
4. Gearshift durability life test machine
5. Automobile side door hinge life test machine
6. Automobile cooling box durability test machine
Environmental test equipment
1. High temperature test machine
2. Soundproof room
3. High and low humidity heat alternating temperature test machine
4. Walk in constant temperature and humidity laboratory
5. Salt spray corrosion resistance test machine
Packaging test equipment
1. Single and double wing drop test machine
2. Inclined impact test machine
3. Simulated automobile transportation vibration test machine
4. Thermocouple test machine
5. Refrigerator clamp test machine
Product Application
1. Home appliances / Electronics
2. Motor industry
3. Testing organization
4. New energy
5. Military industrial units
鈥?nbsp;Our Certificate
鈥?nbsp;Our Service
Sale Service
Allison is constantly developing and developing new and practical high-quality products that meet market needs; striving to provide customers with satisfactory pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services is the eternal theme of our company's pursuit of enterprise development.
Pre-sale service
1. Provide users with free technical consulting services and professional testing programs.
2. Refer to user related case, company profile, credit certificate and other materials.
3. Invite users to our company to inspect product design and product manufacturing process.
4. Our company can appoint experienced technical personnel for free according to the site conditions and technical parameters provided by users.
In-sale service
1. During the product manufacturing process, the relevant technical personnel of the user are invited to our company to inspect the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process
And provide users with relevant technical personnel with product inspection standards and inspection results.
2. For customers in the same region and country. Remote video can also be used for remote collaborative monitoring of equipment manufacturing and acceptance
3. Before the equipment is shipped, our company has professional and technical personnel to connect with customers one-to-one related technical parameters and equipment acceptance process
After-sales service
1. After our company's products are shipped, we will send a special person to the user's receiving site to count the delivered goods.
2. Free on-site debugging services for the products sold
3. Free Technical Training
4. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team mainly technical personnel. After receiving the user's service information or feedback questions, make the answer and deal with the user's satisfaction in the shortest time.
5. According to customer requirements, our company's product warranty period is one year. Lifetime service after equipment sales.Drop rain test machine manufacturers


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