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The trend today in the photography business is that more custom portraits are being taken by freelance photographers rather than hiring a full time portrait photographer. This is partly because, since more people have become sophisticated enough to be able to look up at a photo on the internet and download it for free, the need for a portrait photographer has also diminished. Also, most charge customers on a per photo basis, meaning they only pay if and when their required portraits are delivered. So, for these reasons and more, many people consider doing it themselves rather than paying someone else to do it for them.

For those who decide to take on the task of doing their own custom portraits, they have two main options. The first option is to learn all that they can about taking photographs, learning about different light settings, using different lenses, and so on, so that they know what they're doing. The second option is to simply hire a professional, like a freelance photographer who can charge customers based on the number of photos required. Many professionals charge less for social media portraits than they would for traditional photography, although they may not charge as much per photo. Also, many professionals recommend working with multiple social media platforms, since it can be helpful to get your work seen on several different sites, whereas working solely with one or two can limit your audience and sales.

For those who feel they have the artistic ability and marketing savvy to run a small business, a Custom Canvas Paintings business could be an excellent home base opportunity. The cost is low and the exposure is large. The downside, however, is that a lot of time and money must be invested before the small business becomes successful. Those who are looking to get into this business should plan on doing all the work themselves until they build up some business credit and experience, then they may look into contracting out their portraits to other professional photographers or social media sites.


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