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Designed for security and adaptability, as a vital link to their fall protection anchor point, this Single leg polyester webbing lanyard with energy absorber is specially used for fall arrest and elevated work platform. It is ideal for fall protection for fall arrest and elevated work platform. The one leg safety belt lanyard with energy absorber is ANSI certified and meet the ANSI standard ANSI Z359.1 (2007) and ANSI Z359.13-2013.
Made of high strength polyester webbing, its strength is no less than 5000 pounds. It is equipped with a snap hook+a scaffold hook or two snap hooks at the ends.
* Polyester webbing+alloy steel connectors, more protective and durable.
* 5000 pounds Tension, made up of high strength polyester webbing.
* Safety protection webbing, suitable for high-altitude operation, more convenient for outdoor activities.
* Designed to reduce the risk of falling and slipping. You can easily maneuver around obstacles and obstructions while remaining attached.
* Energy absorber that reduces the impact force to 900lbs (6CSA) or 1350lbs (12CSA) approx.
* The deceleration distance after impact shall be of not more than 48 inch.
* These lanyards are designed for use by persons with a combined weight (clothing, Tools, etc.) Of no more than 140 Kg.
* Yellow polyester with 5000 pounds break strength.
Webbing Specifications:
a. Webbing Material: High strength polyester
b. Breaking Strength: 5000 pounds
Snap hook Specification:
Snap Hokk Material: Alloy Steel
Breaking strength: 鈮?5KN
Feature: strong and durable, economical and practical
Scaffold Hook Material: Alloy Steel
Breaking strength: 鈮?5KN
Feature: high strength and easy open, safety and durable
Energy Absorber Specification:
Use application: Fall arrest
Width: 45 mm wide webbing to reduce the impact of the fall (less than 6 kN)
Material: Polyester
Requirements of ANSI Z359.13-2013
Personal Energy Absorber Component. All personal energy absorbers bearing this standard number shall meet the design and testing requirements of this standard.
Material: Material used in the construction of personal energy absorbers shall be made of virgin synthetic material having strength, aging, abrasion resistance and heat resistance characteristics equivalent or superior to polyamides.
Connectors: Personal energy absorbers shall have integrally attached connectors or be integral to the energy absorbing lanyard. Connectors used on all personal energy absorbers shall meet the requirements of ANSI/ASSE Z359.12, Safety Requirements for Connecting Components for Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) Connectors.Customized Single Leg Lanyard


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