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Sparkle Tech is one of the few VTOL drone manufacturers in the world that can perform computer-aided design, verify using 3D modelling and prototyping, make the molds, test fly, mass produce and integrate mission specific systems with VTOL airframes according to client specification, all with our in-house capabilities. As the final step of a turnkey solution, we provide a well-established comprehensive user training program using the product just received by the client. For clients who prefer to do system integration themselves, we are equally happy to supply the airframes only.
Research & Development
Sparkle Tech continuously strive to innovate. Our breakthrough in the production technique of composite structure has resulted in stronger mechanical performance at increased production efficiency. We are able to increase production efficiency by 10 times while reducing the airframe weight by 15%. We have happily passed the resulted benefits on to our clients.
Our recent commitment to technological innovation is the installation of high efficiency solar panels on our VTOL platforms. We are conducting the final performance tests and expect to release the final products soon.
In order to provide alternative options to our clients to suit their specific needs, we have successfully installed on-board mini-gasoline generators to achieve greatly extended hovering duration of fixed wing VTOL vehicles.
We have come a long way to our achievements. Since the maiden flight of our first UAV in 2011, we are proud to have been at the forefront of the small drone industry. In fact, we are the first manufacturers in China to introduce the VTOL vehicles in 2014.
Built for Tough Missions
Our products are built to carry out professional missions not just over easier terrains, but also over high mountains, open seas, hot deserts, wet swamps, in day and night under windy, rainy and cold conditions. The breadth and depth of our experience is hard to be matched by others. We are well-equipped and confident to provide the best possible UAV solutions to challenging missions of clients all over the world.
Proud History of Sparkle Tech Ltd
Dec 2011 - First 3m UAV maiden flight
May 2012 - Twin turbine F-15 model
Sep 2012 - J-10 Jet model powered by 16kg turbine
Mirrage-2000 model powered by 8kg turbine
Mar 2013 - 3m Albatross UAV OEM for American customer
Feb 2014 - 3m Cyclone Hand Launch OEM for American customer
4m Eagle Eyes
3m Ranger drone with catapult and parachute
Oct 2015 - Solar battery powered Ranger
Ranger VTOL delivered to Switzerland
April 2016 - Pixhawk open source autopilot installed on Ranger, maiden flight in Switzerland
Oct 2016 - 3900m high altitude flight of Eagle Hero electric VTOL at Shangri-La
Feb 2017 - Hydrogen liquid cell battery maiden flight of Eagle Plus VTOL
Eagle Plus equipped with object dropping features delivered
Nov 2017 - Customers demonstration and training at Dubai
Feb 2018 - Live demonstration of UMEX-2018 in Abu Dhabi
May 2018 - Tiger Shark VTOL demonstration to Malaysian Government flying over South China Sea for 20km
Feb 2019 - 5 hours endurance Tiger Shark VTOL delivered
May 2019 - First mini- gasoline generator installed on Tiger Shark VTOL with successful maiden flight
Oct 2019 - Wingspan 4.4m Pro-Shark VTOL maiden flight successful. MTOW up to 41kg with 20 kg available for payload
Sparkle Tech has entered into cooperation with other manufacturers of full-scale UAV in China. We are one of the few companies who can facilitate the export of the CH series full-scale drones and military grade helicopters under the authorization of the Chinese Government. We are also authorized by the manufacturer to provide customer support and training of their equipment. Our training team members included retired engineers and academics from the related drone manufacturer and research institution. We are confident that we can provide a complete and expert solution to overseas clients.
Please visit Sparkle Tech channel for hundreds of on-line video.Long Range Fixed Wing Drones Made in China


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