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Single Bevel Flat be used on the front shovel of Loader, the bevel be used to welding other parts, it usually be produced by machine work.
SUNMACH have full dimension to fit on major brand, such as CLG, SDLG, lonKing, XCMG and XGMA. Single Bevel Flat have popular type, standard type and reinforced type to suit different work condition. Also could customized products to satisfy various requirement.
Pioneering and perseverance are our creeds. We will devote ourselves to technological innovation and continuously improve product performance and manufacturing process.
ground engaging tools parts single bevel flat excavator bucket cutting edge or excavator blade
Main Size 152MMX13MM 152MMX16MM 203MMX16MM 203MMX19MM 254MMX25MM 300MMX30MM 330MMX30MM.....
Thickness13mm to 75mm.
Different type:Single bevel flat bucket edge without hole, Single bevel flat bucket edge with hole,
DBF Cutting Edge ||
Main Business:Motor Grader Blades and End Bits, Bulldozer Cutting Edge,
Loader Bucket Edges,Excavator Cutting edge, Scraper Cutting Edge,
Bucket Teeth, Bolts and Nuts, Pins&Retainer
Universal:Available to all brand motor grader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas
We are a professional manufacturer.We are one of the famous manufacturer of Ground Engaging Tools spare parts in Shandong,our products include grader blades,cutting edges,end bits, ripper shank to fit Excavator,Motor grader,Bulldozer,Scraper etc.Loader Blades


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