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Once you know what theme you are going for, it is time to find the right type of DIY photo gift for your husband or boyfriend. The choices that come to mind are flowers, candles, cookies, wine, and even a personalized card. If you know any graphic design professionals, you can give them a call and they will be more than happy to work with you to help you make that special design for your husband or boyfriend. I have never seen such a graphic designer on a website. I am sure that someone has, though of something and would like to let me know how to make a DIY Photo Gift.

Once you have made the choice and chosen the right Diy Photo Gift basket, you are ready to send it off to someone special! Sending a photo gift basket will let the recipient know just how important they are to you and what you feel. Even better, you can get a personal note with the photo that says thank you very nicely. It will definitely make your man or boyfriend feel special.

You could go as easy as a simple photo gift basket or a photo collage with all the photos on it or you could go so far as to have your photo printed on an actual photo frame. The possibilities are endless.

Another great idea for your photo gift basket is to use a crafty idea. This can be done easily using paper products such as cardstock squares. I used these at my last wedding and made a wonderful photo collage of each guest's name. I had printed the names on cardstock squares on the left side of each frame and then arranged the picture on the opposite side with the groom's and bride's names on top. Then I placed their initials below the picture.

I also placed a small tag on the outside of the photo collage with the couple's names and the wedding date on it. Inside each frame I printed a special message saying thank you, how are you doing? and other lovely sentiments. These are great ideas for a gift and also look very much like wedding keepsakes.

If you want to add another layer of charm to your DIY photo gift, then you can have a picture of your own wedding with each guest's name and wedding date as well. Just make sure that the picture is in good quality and that your message is in the frame.


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