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If you are a fan of the spotify song collector's market but don't want to compromise your iPod or MP3 player's durability, then you can always go with the old tried and true method: personalised acrylic covers. These are great because they are so simple to make. All you need is a glass cutting board, an inkjet printer, an ink cartridge, and your favourite spotify song and you're all set. If you don't want to print your own off, there are plenty of professionally-made ones that are quite cheap too.

You can also go with a glass album cover that can be tailor made. These generally require a little more skill on the part of the artist, but the end results can be wonderful. Depending on your tastes, there are plenty of different sizes, styles and designs to choose from to suit your needs.

Some of the most unique custom designed glass album cover night lights that you can find are ones that feature airpods cases. There are those made of genuine leather - the real, high quality kind that would definitely make any iPod owner feel special and wanted. Then there are those made out of vinyl for those who prefer a little classier looking for accessories for their precious little portable media players.

The airport case is among the most popular designs available. It is a perfect addition to any musician's bag as it provides easy access to your portable music device no matter where you are. The cool thing about it is that you can even purchase additional airport if you like. While it is a little on the pricey side, it is definitely worth every penny as it is one of the most unique custom spotify album cover photo Bluetooth night light designs that you can find.


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