Arm-type blood pressure monitor VP-80Z is a clinically validated device with high accuracy, one button measurement makes it be very easy and suitable for homecare users:
Cuffs: This model has easy wearable cuffs with different size for optional, which can be suitable for different size users.
Measurement: It can measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate with clinical precision, with Blood pressure classification (WHO) and Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator for easy understand the user's health;
Validation: Smart technology, simple operation, automatic measurement making your measurement be more accurate and easier. Clinical validation makes users to measure blood pressure at home but with the same professional result as hospitals.
Power options: You can choose the power supply can be 4*AA batteries or USB cable with type-C connector, it's convenience and environment friendly especially during travel. And, this device has automatic power-off function if no use for 3 minutes for saving power.
Bluetooth and speaking function for options, and we also can change the device color based on your requirement, in one word, whatever you want, just tell us, nothing is impossible.China Blood Pressure Monitor manufacturers